the process

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Come sit beside your love, close your eyes and and be transported for a brief moment to your wedding day as you put the perfect bite of cake in your mouth! Come and visualize the stunning and unique wedding cake that will be waiting for you and your guests to admire and enjoy! This is the experience that I want to give you at your wedding cake tasting.  I remember planning my own wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to help our beautiful daughter, Belinda plan hers. It was a very special time.


Make a conscious  decision to enjoy the process and to make only beautiful memories with those who are planning with you.


Whether you’re having an extravagant wedding and reception or an intimate party, Forever After Cakes will aim to create a cake that is not only beautiful, but delicious too. Each cake is a one-of-a-kind collaboration with you to create an inspired and unique work of art that represents you and your tastes. 

   Service Before Products

What does that mean?  It means that long before you ever see your wedding cake, you will be interacting with me.  It is my utmost desire to make your experience with me special and memorable, from your fancy cake tasting to your first anniversary.      

I will work closely with you to ensure that your wedding cake and the wedding cake plan has the maximum impact for your big day. I will achieve the best results when I receive suggestions and directions from you. You are commissioning a creation that will be the centerpiece of your event, second only to the bride, in my opinion, so let yourself be creative! Your imagination is the only limitation!  You are the star of the day!

Your Consultation and Tasting

Forever After Cakes operates by appointment only.  I would love to hear from you in your earliest stages of planning.  I often book up months in advance, so the more advance notice you give me, the greater chance that I will be available. So give me a call and let's get designing!  


Of course I will want to hear all of your ideas, see photographs, wedding stationary, fabric swatches, jewelry, heirlooms, paintings or drawings to inspire the design of your cake. Close up detail photos of your gown, such as the fabric, draping, lace or embellishments will be helpful.  Your venue, floral design, theme and even your honeymoon destination will all play a part in the design and flavors of the cake, icing and fillings.

Payments and Cost

There will be a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold the date.  Cake designs vary greatly so we will need to discuss a few details before I can price your cake.   Payment for the cake itself will be due one month before your wedding. There will be a $1 per mile round trip charge if your wedding reception is outside of the Lake Jackson area.

On Your Wedding Day

We will deliver and set up your wedding cake about 2 hours before the ceremony.  Please make sure that your wedding coordinator knows that I would like to talk to them to go over the details about the cake. We will leave printed instructions for whom ever is cutting and serving your cake. 

The Cake Cutting

If you are having friends cut and serve the cake, it's best to ask three people to help with this.   As soon as you cut and taste the first piece of cake and do the toasts, the cake will be cut. The top tier will need to be removed and boxed up and then all those pieces will need to be cut in a hurry.  Your guests will be ready for cake as soon as the couple takes their first bite.  It's also good to have a helper on hand to get more plates, hand paper towels etc. 

Also!  Please arrange for the first two pieces to be served to the bride and groom, as well as plates of food.  You should get to have more than one ceremonial bite, which unfortunately is so often the case!  After all, we have put in a considerable time and thought in the choosing of the design and flavors of your cake, so you should get to have some.  You are the king and queen.  Can you imagine royalty not eating at a banquet held in their honor?

Serving Your Guests

You will have paid, intending for each person to get a piece of cake.  You have also tasted and chosen flavors that you know your guests will love. It would be a terrible shame if they don't get to eat any.  That would be a real waste of your money.  To avoid this disappointment, please serve your cake early in the evening.  I know it is too pretty to cut, but please do.  After the delicious meal, your guests will be ready for desert.  I shake my head and I want to cry when I hear guests from a wedding say, "The cake just sat there all evening, finally people just started leaving."  (Some will leave not even wanting cake because they believe wedding cakes are beautiful, but usually aren't very tasty.) Let them taste the delicious cake that you have chosen for them to enjoy. It breaks my heart to hear a venue tell me, that half of the cake was thrown away because the couple waited until right before they left to cut the it.   

How to Cut a Wedding Cake